Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Siegfried is a series of French comics, scripted and drawn by Alex Alice. This trilogy is freely inspired by the work of Richard Wagner, The Ring of Nibelung, finding its source in Nordic and Germanic mythology and more particularly the Song of the Nibelungen. The first volume came out on 19 October 2007 At Dargaud, preceded by a luxury edition under jacket on October 5th. 
Siegfried is a young boy raised by Mime, one of the last Nibelungen. Both live in the depths of a dark forest, with only some wolves as neighbors, they are not made to get along. While the dwarf Mime aspires only to tranquility, Siegfried wants to find out who his true parents are and live among humans. Yet Odin, the father of the Nordic gods, decided to send him to fight the dragon Fafnir, who kept the gold of the Rhine.


Siegfried Vol. 01 (2012) (digital) (Minutemen-InnerDemons).cbr | 211.11MB | LINK: http://clkmein.com/qKw2q3
Siegfried Vol. 02 The Valkyrie (2013) (digital) (Minutemen-InnerDemons).cbr | 287.00MB | LINK: http://clkmein.com/qKw2d4
Siegfried 3. Twilight of the Gods (Digital) (Archaia).cbr | 333.3 MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/wu3yaR


  1. Hey, is there any chance for Vol 3?

  2. Hello there, any news on Volume 3?