Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Non Album Collection 14

Moebius 3 - The Airtight Garage

The Airtight Garage (French: Le Garage Hermétique or, in its earliest serialized form, Le Garage Hermétique de Jerry Cornelius) is a lengthy comic strip work by the artist and writer Moebius (real name Jean Giraud). It first appeared in discrete two-to-four-page episodes, in issues 6 through 41 of the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Métal Hurlant from 1976 to 1979, and later in the American version of the same magazine, Heavy Metal, starting in 1977. It was subsequently collected as a graphic novel in various editions.

Moebius 4 - The Long Tomorrow

"The Long Tomorrow" is the title of a short story comic written by Dan O'Bannon in 1975, and illustrated by Moebius. The comic came to the attention of Ridley Scott and was a key visual reference for Blade Runner. The main character was the key fashion adopted by The Prodigy for their song "Firestarter". George Lucas directly copied the launchpad sentinel for the look of the probe droid in The Empire Strikes Back, completely preserving Moebius' original design. The reference to Ridley Scott and George Lucas is documented in the Foreword passage in "The Long Tomorrow".

Moebius 5 - Gardens of Aedena

Le Monde d'Edena ("The World of Edena," published in English as The Aedena Cycle) is a series of graphic novels by French artist Moebius. It grew organically out of a promotional album Moebius made for the French car manufacturer Citroën, called "The Star", in 1983.


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