Sunday, July 2, 2017

Non Album Collection 10

Aspis Detectives of the Unusual T01 - The Dwarf with the Ectoplasm

Kathy Wuthering disappeared! Of the most celebrated of the Parisian mediums consulted by the all-Paris of that nineteenth century, there remain to-day only two sanguinolent eyeballs. Auguste Dupin, a bloody sleuth and a scientist who is picky will shed light on this horrible affair. Despite the rigorous "investigator phenomenologist", to achieve this, Dupin will need his extravagant assistant, Flora Vernet.

The Magician's Wife

A woman, a magician with strange powers and a little girl travel the world with unheard-of numbers. But the little girl grows up and the devilish magician wants to make her his wife. Between dream and reality, this comic tells their tumultuous loves in a New York nightmare.

Billy Budd, KGB

Inspired by Herman Melville's novella, this graphic novel recounts a gifted and naïve young man's recruitment by the Soviet secret service and his adventures in New York City as a spy. The tale begins in the aftermath of World War II, when a Ukrainian orphan with remarkable psychic powers is selected and trained by the KGB. Two decades later he arrives in the United States to lead a double life. Operating under the name Billy Budd, he conducts espionage while working with a construction crew that builds skyscrapers. Billy's rescue of a co-worker and the resulting friendship lead the agent in the direction of a spiritual existence, a previously unimaginable possibility. But can Billy escape his Soviet masters?


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