Monday, July 3, 2017


Gully is a comic book series. Story: Pierre Makyo. Drawings: Alain Dodier. The adventures of two boys suffering from acute melancholy in a fantastic Middle Ages.
Gully and Oléo are the lucky winners of a competition organized by the King: they will each receive a scholarship to join the prestigious school of chivalry, previously reserved for the nobles. Unique representatives of their social class, they will soon make friendship. Very soon, they will find a good opportunity to put their teaching into practice (avenging insults, redressing wrongs and chastising insolences): they will confront the terrible sorcerer Ulfon, which poses a heavy threat to the family of Oleo.


Gully - Tome 01 - Les aventures de Gully.pdf | 15 MB | LINK:
Gully - Tome 02 - Le pays des menteurs.pdf | 18 MB | LINK:
Gully - Tome 03 - Le poisson bleu.pdf | 17 MB | LINK:
Gully - Tome 04 - Le petit prince et les agressicotons.pdf | 18 MB | LINK:
Gully - Tome 05 - Bella et Ouisti.pdf | 17 MB | LINK:
Gully - Tome 06 - Les vengeurs d'injures.pdf | 42 MB | LINK:

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  1. Very cute art style reminiscent of Hugo. Is there an English version anywhere, by any chance?