Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Non Album Collection 75

Angela (One Shot) (F) (2006)

Angela saw a carefree childhood. His life is suddenly upset when Jason, the former lover of his mother, reappears after twelve years of absence. He persuades her to join him with his daughter in order to exploit his mining concession. Faced with the absence of vein, it is discouragement. Their last hope, a particularly daring robbery. 

Wheel 01 - The Prophecy of Korot

The wheel is a hybrid with 80% fancy-dragons and 20% science fiction. Despite the undeniable power of the drawings, the marriage is not so happy. We lose ourselves in the meanders and jumps of an unstructured scenario, without bearer and especially without major theme. Such a style of narration could pass in the 70s with Luc Bradefer, but hardly passes 30 years later. 

Hermann - Africa (2007)

Dario Ferrer acts as guardian of a Tanzanian wildlife preserve. Accompanied by Charlotte, a naive European journalist, Ferrer discovers a village under fire from mysterious agents of the foreign-backed government. Ferrer and Charlotte must fight not only to protect the preserve, but to expose government corruption.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Non Album Collection 74

The Children of Captain Grant (2016)

In this adaptation of the classic novel, the entire cast of characters has been transformed into anthropomorphic animal! It begins with a message-actually three water-damaged messages-found in a bottle removed from the belly of a shark. Written in three different languages the messages reveal that the long-missing Captain Grant was shipwrecked and is being held hostage. The only clue from the messages that might be of any help, will lead Lord Glenarvan and Captain Grant’s children on an adventure literally around the world!

The Fifth Gospel T01 - The Hand Of Fatima (2008)

Holy Land. XIIth century. Thirteen young Saracen children have disappeared. All the girls, at least 13 years old, orphaned and tattooed with a hand of Fatima on the forearm. The disappearances continue ... At this same time, troubled by incessant quarrels, Lord Milon de Plancy has just been savagely assassinated by four hooded men. This is only the beginning of a series of mysterious murders linked apparently to a codex whose revelations are likely to wreak Rome.

Shenzhen - A Travelogue from China (2006)

Shenzhen is entertainingly compact with Guy Delisle's observations of life in urban southern China, sealed off from the rest of the country by electric fences and armed guards. With a dry wit and a clean line, Delisle makes the most of his time spent in Asia overseeing outsourced production for a French animation company. He brings to life the quick pace of Shenzhen's crowded streets. By translating his fish-out-of-water experiences into accessible graphic novels, Delisle skillfully notes the differences between Western and Eastern cultures, while also conveying his compassion for the simple freedoms that escape his colleagues in the Communist state.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Metal Hurlant

Métal hurlant is a French comics anthology of science fiction and horror comics stories, created in December 1974 by comics artists Jean Giraud (better known as Mœbius) and Philippe Druillet together with journalist-writer Jean-Pierre Dionnet and financial director Bernard Farkas.

The four were collectively known as "Les Humanoïdes Associés" (United Humanoids), which became the name of the publishing house releasing Métal hurlant. It was published in the United States by National Lampoon under the title Heavy Metal. ISSN 0336-4747 (Métal Hurlant Aventure).

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Non Album Collection 73


End of the 40s, Siberia. Stalin returned to zone 0049, where he had been deported at the time when he was called Koba. He must clarify a mystery linked to a painting representing him with his companions of struggle who have since become important members of the regime. However, these latter disappear gradually from the picture without a human hand, apparently, the cause ...

Toys in the Basement - (Santa Anna)

A creepy kids’ book from a French comics master. With appearances in such anthologies as Zero Zero, BLAB! and Kramers Ergot, Stéphane Blanquet has been delighting and terrifying American readers with his superslick, ultradetailed creepiness.

Septic Isle (2008)

Genre: Spy thriller. Publisher: Moonface Press. “A masterful espionage thriller… taut, topical and terrifying”- Mike Carey (writer, The Unwritten)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Non Album Collection 72

Lester Cockney 01 - What a Crazy Country

Lester Cockney, of his real name "Lester Mahoney", is Irish from Killarney. In London in the middle of the nineteenth century, it does not weigh heavily against any Englishman, especially if he wears the uniform. From provocations to fights, Lester finds himself enlisted by force in the English army to join the expeditionary force in India, then in Kabul. Already in Afghanistan, history is only an eternal beginning ... 

Exterminator 17

For generations, warrior robots called, "Exterminators" have fought in deadly environments across the galaxy. When the soul of the man who created the Exterminators is transferred into one of his killing machines, a series of events is set into motion that will lead to the liberation of his creations from their human masters. Exterminator 17 will mark the first time that Humanoids Publishing will follow a graphic album with a comic series. Fans of Bilal should also take note that Exterminator 17 features a master re-coloring by comics veteran Dan Brown.

The Waters of Dead Moon 01-05 (from Heavy Metal)

A quite marvellous, stylistically superb dystopian sci fi story by Philippe Adamov (Art) and Patrick Cothias (Story). In a barren Paris, where food and water is short a bizarre degenerate princely court spends the end of days with debauchery. Cannibalism, decadene, sex, mutations and violence in a truly hopeless setting.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Non Album Collection 71

The Last Days of Pompeii (Zorad)

The protagonist, Glaucus, represents the Greeks who have been subordinated by Rome, and his nemesis Arbaces the still older culture of Egypt. Olinthus is the chief representative of the nascent Christian religion, which is presented favorably but not uncritically. Beautifully illustrated, this classic tale will capture children's interest and spark their imagination inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading.

Space Patrol Orion - The 8th Adventure

Another sci-fi Hungarian comic.

The Ballad of the Flood (Fazekas)

Ballad of the flood' by Zoltán Csernai (1982) an adult adventure Hungarian comic.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head, the crime noir masterpiece continues, written by Matz and drawn by Colin Wilson (Ed Brubaker's Point Blank)! The book centers on a pair of assassin buddies and a pair of cop buddies, with a body count that grows as the story progresses and each pair trying to figure out what is happening! In this third issue of the award-winning crime saga, the pair of assassins strike again! But why?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Non Album Collection 70

Sheerluck Homes (1982)

Freddy Milton was born in Viborg, in Jutland, Denmark. He restored old newspaper comics and drew the Sherlock Holmes parody 'Sheerluck Homes' for Seriemagasinet. 

Martin Mystery 01 Destroyers of the Past (1999 Dark Horse)

Martin Mystery, the Detective of the Impossible has made a discovery off the coast of the Azores. A sunken port may point to the lost civilization of Atlantis. Unfortunately for Martin, strange men dressed all in black don't want his discovery made public and they're willing to kill in order to keep it a secret. You can be sure that this is one mystery that Martin won't turn away from. 

Bamse - Bamse and the Dodo (1996-06)

Swedish publication. Published 13-18 times/year. Publishers; Williams: 197301-197605. Semic: 197606–197610. Atlantic: 197701–198204. Bamseförlaget: 198205–199007. Egmont: 199008-current. Every issue contains 34-36 pages.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Non Album Collection 69

Dad 001 - Daddy's Girls (2016)

Being a single dad is a full-time job, as Dad knows only too well! Especially with four headstrong daughters to whom obedience doesn't exactly come naturally... With bookish Pandora, emotional Ondine, mischievous Roxanne and, the latest addition, baby Bella, this unemployed actor has landed himself the role of a lifetime: looking after his family!

The Post-Midlife Crisis (2016)

Usually around about the 40 mark, the human male has a habit of leaving his well-worn spouse in search of greener pastures. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. Florence Cestac dissects this subject of common interest, from the very first symptoms right up to the final outbreak, via the pangs of "bathrobe-sofa" depression. "You're the love of my life! But with her, it's something else... she's a fairy," declares our hero with the touching honesty of a male en route to adventure. So once our hero's skipped off into the sunset with his fairy, our heroine begins asking herself a series of counter-productive questions regarding her general attitude and in particular her cellulite.

Black Bank - T01 - Business Clan (Soleil 2007)

At age 65, James Baeckes is one of Sun Bank's leading managers, one of New York's most reputable financial institutions. Ideal to found a Black Bank, a bank in the bank, and to spot in the shadow the traffickers of arms, drugs, the terrorist groups, the cartels of the whole world ... But one does not fight against the bosses of the Mafia SA, sitting behind his desk. And Baeckes is no longer old enough to run the world. So he chose a man of the field. His name: Adrian Stolker. At the age of 35, this burned-down head has made the high-flying scam its favorite entertainment. With Baeckes for logistics and Stolker in the field, Black Bank only needs a legal bond. Her name is Alicia Jones, aged 30, and a CIA agent. Two men, one woman, one mission: tracking, one by one, across the world.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Non Album Collection 68

Trio Grande Adios Palomita (1993)

The Blonde. The Brunette. And the Bank Robber. Joseph Carpenter, the notorious bandit, is a very Wanted man. Mary, the brazen blonde bounty hunter, will risk anything to bring him in - and divorce him! Dolores, the brunette bandita, aims to keep Joseph in her gang at any cost! Meanwhile, the stubborn Sheriff Terco waits patiently just north of the Rio Grande - to capture all three!

The Connection of the Ring (2003)

The Parody is Nicer than the Movie :D

Second Generation - The Things I Didn't Tell My Father (2016)

This is an autobiographical tale in which Michel Kichka goes back over the significant moments of a childhood, an adolescence, and a life overshadowed by the Holocaust, from Belgium to The Promised Land, from nightmares to funny anecdotes, moments of joy and liberation.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Monday, October 30, 2017

Non Album Collection 67

Storie Blu 117

An Italian series of adult science-fiction comics. Along with three supplements, one hundred and twenty-two regular issues released between 1979 and 1990, though the final issue is actually numbered 122/123.

The 14 Carat Roadster (2012)

Ivan Gorchev was not yet twenty-one when he won the Nobel Prize in physics. To win a scientific award at such a young age is unprecedented, though some people might consider the means by which it was achieved a flaw. For Ivan Gorchev won the Nobel Prize in physics in a card game, called macao.

Cato and the Zulus

The story of this English soldier, a deserter in South Africa during the Zulu Wars, is not bad. But like many Pratt stories, there is a start, good, a breakthrough, great, but not a final one.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Non Album Collection 66

Louis on the Beach by Guy Delisle (2009)

While his father enjoys a beach day to poke a nap, Louis has as his only companion another kid, who never ceases to play the kite or build splendid sand castles. And yet, Louis would really need help because, alone, he must face uncomfortable situations. By the force of the imagination, he invents a friend who looks strangely like his doudou ...

Lone Racer (2006)

From the cartoonist of Van Helsing's Night Off, comes another quirky introspective. Lone Racer is the story of a down-and-out racecar driver whose days of success are long gone. After a misguided attempt at bank robbery, where he is supposed to drive the getaway car, Lone Racer decides that the days of going downhill are over. Will Lone Racer get back on track?

Agrippina 001 - ... and the Ancestor (2016)

Agrippina’s grandmother goes awol for a few days, only to be discovered in her own home, hiding away from the world while she recovers from a facelift. And all because she’s found out that her own mother has gone into a retirement home. The latter, having made herself a fortune in her savvy investments in stocks and shares, decides to buy herself a computer… but not just any old computer…! Meanwhile, Agrippina is, as usual, busy seeking out any opportunity to get easy money and easy boys. This is a side-splitting snapshot of the complex relationships between four generations of women.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Non Album Collection 65

Nero Wolfe - The Red Box (1992)

A lovely woman is dead, and the fortunes of overextended theatrical producer Llewellyn Frost depend on solving the mystery of the red box: two pounds of candied fruits, nuts and creams, covered with chocolate -- and laced with potassium cyanide. When Nero Wolfe's suspicion falls on Frost's kissing cousin, Frost wants the detective to kill the sickly sweet case--before it kills him.

The Terminator (Fazekas)

Classic Hungarian Comics: The Terminator (Fazekas) ... scan: kyriee translation: SWATura-OD retext: Akela

The Iliad (Sebok)

This comic book adaptation of Homer's The Iliad has never before been released in album format. The scanned pages are directly from collected newspapers, edited, and remastered according to our opinions on how we think they should have looked, if... they were ever published. The ENG translation of Sebők's adaptation of Homer's Odyssey.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Non Album Collection 64

Baker Street T01 - Sherlock Holmes Isn't Afraid of Anything (Delcourt 1999)

Did you know that Watson owes much of its popularity to a jellyfish? That Holmes sometimes practices burglary? And would you be able to find a relationship between a canned devil, a dumbbell, an alarm clock, a cactus and a mass of weapons? No ? Well, dive into Dr. Watson's secret notebooks, miraculously exhumed by two "froggies". 

Superdupont - The Revival (2015)

The unique and truly French super hero is back, like a phoenix from the ashes, to save France once again and to restore it to greatness in a world going to the dogs. Superdupont’s reboot gets a kick-start with the birth of his son who, astonishingly, has inherited the supernatural powers of his father. Perhaps together they can finally bring down the enemies of their wonderful homeland!

Fearless (Romania)

Another short Romanian comic.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Non Album Collection 63

The Red Diary - The Re[a]d Diary (2012)

Kristiansen's European Album is newly translated to English by the Eisner nominated/winning team behind the acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel, It's a Bird, Teddy Kristiansen and Steven T. Seagle, but in a unique flip-novel format that also "re-mixes" with a completely different script devised by Seagle before he collaborated on the translation. Both versions -- The Red Diary, a tale of art forgery and World War, and The Re[a]d Diary, a tale of identity theft and lost love -- comprise this unique graphic novel.

The Legendaries T01 - The Stone of Jovenia (2012)

They are nicknamed the Legendary. They are five. They embody the forgotten real values ​​(nobility, courage, intelligence, etc.). They are tall. Or rather, they were. In their last fight against the evil forces, things have ended badly, and all the adults have become children again! Today the Legendaries must redeem their blunder.

The Contact (OS) (2004)

The point of contact between the world of the dead and the living is not in a precise place as was believed in antiquity. Among the invididus who have experienced an IME (imminent death experience), some are elected to make the link between the two worlds. This is the case of Thomas Lalandes. In the Paris of the late 19th century, when the dead wanted to find rest, they demanded justice from the Contact. Paris, 1898. Thomas Lalandes has just died. His family cries. In the strange corridor leading to nothingness, he meets a dead man who entrusts him with a mission: to identify his murderer. Thomas returns to him. He just lived a NDE, an imminent death experience. Since that day, for all the dead who can not find rest, Thomas Lalandes has become the Contact.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Non Album Collection 62

The Celestial Bibendum (2012)

The Devil is everywhere in New York-on-the-Seine. But the arrival of Diego the Seal in this sinister and soulless port may just change that. There, Diego is courted by the upper echelons of the city, who want to groom him for the Nobel Prize of Love. Eisner-nominated creator Nicolas De Crécy ("Foligatto," NBM's "Salvatore") has created here a totally original world, rich in absurdist humor, and presented in a beautiful tumult of painted colors. 

The Eyes of the Cat (2013)

In a desolate dreamscape world, a man, a bird, and a cat interact in a unique apocalyptic yet poetic fashion… Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius, creators of the Sci-Fi classic "The Incal," initially teamed up on this 1978 gem, where words and images alternate in mesmerizing fashion.

The Snowpiercer 01 - Lob & Rochette

A white, icy, mortal universe. That which remains of humanity enclosed in a train that rolls eternally. The fate of Proloff came from the tail of the convoy and, going up towards the loco, discovers the arcana of the train ... The absurdity of human destiny delivered to the vanity of power. The story conceived by Jacques Lob remains a model of the genre, a narrative mixing drama, political conflicts, love, despair and poetry.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Non Album Collection 61

Adios Muchachos

A beautiful blonde cyclist pedals in a miniskirt through the streets of Havana. The brakes on your bike tend to fail whenever they intersect with a luxury car. When the worried driver comes down to help her always receives the same offer: an invitation to try the homemade food of the mother of the cyclist and some privacy in the bedroom. In return, the girl does not ask for anything, well, if she would accept some gift ... Sketcher Paolo Bacilieri and screenwriter Matz adapt the homonymous novel by Daniel Chavarría , winner of the 2002 Edgar Allan Poe Award for best black novel published in the United States.

Armies (2013)

A collection of stories featuring an unstoppable army and an indomitable hero, all set amid the backdrop of barbaric and medieval lands. Jean-Pierre Dionnet, one of the founders of Metal Hurlant, started a new genre in comics when he collaborated with artist Jean-Claude Gal ( Diosamante ) in the late 1970s: Heroic Fantasy. It shortly thereafter gained the favor of the public and has since grown immensely. This is the occasion for all lovers of the genre to return to its roots. Witness, with the help of Gal's intricate style, the devastating effects of war as you follow an army's forward progress, and then join Arn's bloody quest for revenge.

Through The Walls (2012)

A series of humorous vignettes of everyday French life…except for the fact that each short story features one or more characters that have the uncanny ability of walking through walls. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a friendly bet, or a crush on your co-worker, this special skill promises to "enliven" things quite a bit…