Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Phantom

The Phantom is an intermediate character between Tarzan, created before him, and Batman, created after. He is the first to wear a vigilante superhero tight dress and a mask that hides his eyes. The character also appears in The Defenders of the Earth (animation series 1980-1990) in which the hero teamed with Mandrake the Magician, Lothar, and their children and disciples.
The series will be published in France in the newspaper L'Aurore, and in small format. In French editions, the costume of the Phantom, violet, turned red: this change occurred as a result of technical problems caused by the color purple, drooling at the Printing2, another hypothesis would be that American writers of the beginning had no colorful stories of the Ghost, which were then published in black and white, especially as Lee Falk wanted to call the Gray Ghost (color that blends better in the jungle as purple or red), and so, when the French editions have wanted to publish the Phantom, they had carte blanche to color and opted for red, while in the US, new editions have opted for purple. Publisher: Editions des Remparts / Legacy / Sun.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Zenith Of Dragons

Acquitted by Nuremberg, a former Nazi archaeologist discovers a passage to Agartha as Wewelsburg. A spin-off of  The order of dragons pursuing pleasantly overused theme of the Nazi occultism. It is a long time, during the Crusades, a deal between Muslim and Christian knights turns massacre. The dispute was a precious chalice made ​​by a mysterious battleship rider the end of April 1945, after an intensive bombardment of Berlin, the Allied victory is gained. Hitler and Goebbels committed suicide in their bunker. Among his last orders, the Führer did flood the subway in the capital in order to block the progression of Russian troops. This flood drowns more than a thousand German refugees there to escape the bomb rain. Among them is Paula, who manages to escape just grab a time scale. She believes hallucinate when between two waters, she sees four creatures walking in a hallway carrying a coffin. The first volume of this series is a spin-off of  The order of dragons, managed by Jean-Luc Istin. Scriptwriter: Eric Corbeyran, Drawing: Denis Rodier. Zenith Of Dragons.
A few hours later, German officers accept the surrender by going to a US headquarters. Among them, the archaeologist and Lieutenant Ernst Schäfer denies having subscribed to Nazi ideology. He explained by saying that he has accepted promotions in the only goal to continue his scientific research. The Nuremberg trial acquit indeed strangely. At the end, he was contacted by Hermann Bartels, an architect who wants to negotiate a similar protection. Bartels delivers in exchange a top-secret information: he was asked to restore the eyrie of Hitler to Wewelsburg. But according to him, under a tower, is still access to something occult and powerful.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Four weeks of racing against death, four weeks to survive. A great spy story in the heart of the news brûlante. Sirweed Galver, No. 2 Infiltration department of the CIA, is close to retirement. He is about to take a well deserved rest after years of dangerous missions and aims to find peace after the death of his wife. This February was intended to oversee the end of an infiltration of the Russian mafia. Objective: to seize the Siberian oil assets. Code Name: Black Storm. His pupil and friend Pete Tasker is on the ground but gives no sign of life. Hours later Sirweed is the victim of a first attack. A comic by Eric Stoffel and Michel Espinosa. Ukase.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ali Beber

Ali Beber was a series of cartoons comic developed by Belgian, Blareau to scripts and Bédu drawing between 1980 and 1982 for the magazine Tintin. It is inspired by the famous tale of Ali Baba from the collection of The Arabian Nights. 
The Lombard publishing compiled them in his collection "Bédéchouette" composed albums of 32 pages hardcover: Le scorpion noir (1985), La clef du bonheur (1986) and L'ombre blanche (1987). Meanwhile, he had already begun publication in other languages. Thus, in Spanish, in different publications Bruguera publishing.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Planet Axis was chosen to host the first race of the season of Formula A, auto racing star of the 27th century. An ultra dangerous and demanding race, as taking place over 40 days and 40,000 kilometers! Two problems arise with the organizers and challenge the race with huge economic stakes. To begin defending champion does not want to play the game rules he decided to prove that he could be the best without the usual doping his discipline. And secondly, the planet does not seem uninhabited, as the laws require: a centuries-old message sent by a team of explorers abandoned, revealed at the last time the existence of a Aboriginal civilization, who economic issues or compliance with laws and ethics in sport, win? In response to two albums next four months apart. A comic by Laurent-Frédéric Bollee and Siro. Speedway.
The most famous auto competitions XXVII century, universal championship Formula A, takes place on 13 planets circuits. Froilan, double defending champion, wants to try to win a third crown without the help of the drug that allows him to sharpen his senses, but the task is not easy. Especially since the first race to take place on planet Axis seems compromised: a radio message just be captured. But the law is strict: the planets circuits should not be inhabited. What has happened, then it was 500 years ago? The story begins as a grand prize of Formula 1: a foreword by Sebastien Bourdais instead of a comment by Jacques Laffite, a grid with bright colors, engines roaring and revving a thunderous start. However, science fiction quickly takes over, relegating racing to a mere pretext.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Twilight of the Gods

Alberic, the king of the Nibelungs, forged a ring heavenly gold. A ring in power so great that it is able to bend everything to his volonté. Wotan, Father of the Gods, captured in order to release the goddess Idunn, guardian of immortality apples. But beware of the curse. To appease its effects, Wotan shares the countless mortal women layer. These unions are born Siegmund and his sister, Siegliend, also carrying the black ring fire. The Curse of the Nibelung then leaves the land of the gods to win Mannheim, the land of men. Fate of the Gods and Mortals finds himself hopelessly bound. The first 6 pages of the album. A comic by Jean-Luc Istin and Gwendal Lemercier. Twilight of the Gods.
Then the Nibelungen heavenly melted gold to fashion a cursed ring. A ring whose power was so great that he was able to bend everything to his will. A ring that was to lead the world in RAGNARÖK. "The story of the Nibelungen, told by Jarry and Djief in Götterdämmerung, is one of the myths the authors of fantasy, Tolkien first, never cease to be inspired in their creations.

Friday, June 24, 2016


August 1, 1914. Louis, Jacques, Maurice, Armand Denis, Arsène Pierre and Jules are mobilized. Eight friends, aged thirty years, from the same small town located in the same infantry regiment. Together, they discover the first battles, the first doubts and the first absurd orders starting point for four long years, some return, others not. Scenario: Eric Corbeyran. Design: Etienne Le Roux, Jerome Brizard. World War I between 14-18.
First advanced with bayonets for the men at the front, first disappointments for women in the back. The tentacles of the war extend and reveal a secret already painful to bear: the end is not immediately. We'll have to adapt to this hellish day where horror vies with absurdity. An intimate and tragic story where only the laughter of despair sometimes pierces.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


In the realm of Nym-Bruyn, time of declining approach Morckoor, descendant of a fallen branch of the royal family dream come forward and prepares his revolt. Daughter of a chief, the young Weena is rejected by his own people because of a physical difference. She lives from the bustling world and secretly loves Gwylym, the shepherd of the village and his only friend. One day a stranger comes to tell them that their fate will be involved in the events that will disrupt the peace of the kingdom. Screenplay: Eric Corbeyran | Drawing: Alice Picard.
The first sovereigns had four children: Skoor, the oldest, founded a dynasty domineering, "Branch Mistress." Noor, the unloved, left the kingdom. His mixed offspring became the "Hidden Branch" or "Branch Perdue" which is Weena outcome. Tengoor, the youngest, hating his brothers, fled with his sister and gave her a child. A spell condemned their descendants to reproduce them forever. this branch is nicknamed "Dead Branch." Branch Mistress reign over the kingdom but the barbarians are at the gates.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Secret Space War

Faithful member of the Communist Party, Anatoly Nechayev has been assigned to the Baikonur Cosmodrome to supervise the installation of the first Russian intercontinental missile. Upon his arrival, he faced an icy reception. Tensions grew with the first failures of the base to the murder of an engineer who triggered a wave of suspicion a KGB agent is then dispatched. A comic by Regis Hautière and Damien Cuvillier. Secret Space War.
Baïkonour, 1957. In a few months the Soviet Union will celebrate the forty years of its revolution. To make an impression and show the Soviet superiority to the world, Khrushchev wants to "build the most terrifying weapon the world has ever known." The race against time and against the opponent is started, the space war began. First in a series of five albums, 1957 Sputnik inaugurated a new saga depicting the US-Russian competition for the conquest of space. The clash will be remote, far from the battlefields. All in all, in times of cold war, the fact that the protagonists are cut off from the world offers no guarantee. Especially as the danger and the enemy can be found within its ranks because of the rivalry born of stubborn hatred that some dedicate themselves. Documented as required by distilling technical and historical information accurately and without heaviness, the story of Regis Hautière therefore focuses on the events taking place in this vacuum.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Privateers Of Alcibiades

London, 1825. Peter is burglar. So it ends to open the trunk of a still asleep, he is faced with masked men, too, searched the house and carry with them. Mike, student, also that night in the middle of night progress to reach the window of Miss Ewitt, when a group of masked men immobilized through strange hands. He falls asleep immediately. Lydia, right arm of a boss of the underworld, realizes that their refuge is surrounded by the police. The battle rages, and Lydia owes its salvation to the unexpected intervention mysterious masked men. Created by Denis-Pierre Filippi & Eric Liberge. The Privateers Of Alcibiades.
Curtis is a student and Maryline is the daughter of the school's caretaker. They have discovered the solution to the puzzle picture displayed in the school that led them to a secret passage. They then pass into the dark tunnel. The next day, all the five find themselves in an unfamiliar place, invited to participate in the selection of a training school unlike any other! Why were they chosen? What purpose ? None of them does not suspect they leave for their long lives rather quiet in view of the adventures that await them. A great adventure saga is born! We are in the early nineteenth century England, the heart of a secret and selects the British crown university. Through the fate of five young men and women who are total opposites and yet will be one of the most successful teams of this secret society, Denis-Pierre Filippi sign an adventure saga in the spirit of  Jules Verne novels . Eric Liberge gives this epic full extent of his talent, multiplying the graphical prowess on every page. "Alcibiades" is certainly one of the great new adventure series of contemporary comics.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Master Inquisitors

Obeyron! Master Inquisitor worst the world has increased; in the words of his enemies and friends. If there is one thing that has obtained the mage in the great war that ravaged the world Oscitan is causing hatred, distrust, fear, contempt, discord and many other noble sentiments. Master Inquisitor became after the war in order to fight against crime, Obeyron obeys only one mistress justice. Until his last mission in the remote forests of Sighs, where it was trapped and left for dead. Only here, you can not kill an Inquisitor so easily. Obeyron and is determined to investigate his own death. Scenario: Olivier Peru, Nicolas Jarry. Design: Paolo Deplano, Pierre-Denis Goux.
The Sasmaël Master Inquisitor and the Elf Lotweën rushed to investigate the massacre perpetrated by another member of the order, also died. Soon, it turns out that Fendraël was manipulated by a powerful drug. To understand what happened, we have to get back on track and followed the deceased into a world where power and wealth thirsty hides perhaps something even more disturbing. The context has been properly inserted in the first volume, it is not hard to get caught in this second episode and slip into no Sasmaël. Of course, history proves to be a "mere" fantasy thriller and the hero emerges slightly less attractive than the torture and violent Obeyron. However, Nicolas Jarry has sufficient experience to be seduced by providing a solid plot made ​​of brilliance shots and twists. Using a voiceover in the first person is not heavy and deepens the feeling of the Master Inquisitor.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Shortly before the outbreak of The First World War, fate drives the young Russian Anna to a disused zoo in Normandy. She decides to stay in peace and, together with the doctor Celestin, his adoptive daughter Manon, and the sculptor Buggy, feed and care for the few remaining animals. Going against the flow of history and keeping the zoo intact in the face of adversity may take the last bit of strength this small community has. Screenplay: Philippe Bonifay | Design: Frank Pé.
Somewhere at the end of a Norman Road, Dr Celestin has set the foundation for its zoo. Rub shoulders most beautiful animals of creation. Bears, leopards, gazelles. A small human community is also deploying its difference. There is the adopted daughter of Celestin, Manon, sensual savage. She shares her love between her animals and Buggy, the animal sculptor, magician forms. Not to mention the last visit: Anna, the woman without a nose who fled Siberia where his fate was torn.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pelican Protocol

The Pelican Protocol is a series of French political fiction comic created by screenwriter Richard Marazano and designer Jean-Michel Ponzio , published since 2011 by Editions Dargaud.
Twelve people are kidnapped worldwide and subjected to an experience they know nothing in an isolated place (an at sea platform). On the platform they are in contact with "guardians" (companions) and monitored by "scientists" (confidants). ADAM a quantum computer is behind the choice of participants in the experiment. Can we predict the impact of an idea and, even better, giving birth to it? Fifteen people nationality, social class, age and different sex disappear along the surface of the Earth. They are parked in an enclosed area where they lose their identity and concept are more than objects of study. They do not know. So, for what and because of that they are here? Who are these people that we call "confidants"? What are they looking or rather that they looking for?

Friday, June 17, 2016


Cupidon is a Belgian comics series written by Raoul Cauvin and drawn by Malik. Cupidon made its debut in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou on October 5, 1988. To date 22 albums have been published by Dupuis.
Cupidon features short stories about the adventures of a little Putto attempting to bring love on earth. His headquarters are in Heaven and he is dispatched by a (hot-tempered) Saint Peter. With his bow and arrows, Cupidon is usually prone to blunders, bringing together people of contrasting personalities, even matching together animals not necessarily of the same species.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Am a Cathar

Legend has it that Guilhem Roche fought all night against an elusive character, and that dawn, he lost his memory when his sword across the body of the shadow knight. Since the young man follows medicinal Eymeric Master's teachings, the one who collected the day after this strange night. Guilhem excels in this area, so that his miraculous reputation as a healer manages to Aryans, where the Inquisition rages. I Am a Cathar. Scenario: Makyo (Pierre Fournier) | Design: Alessandro Calore.
Following his battle with an elusive shadow knight Guilhem Roche became amnesiac and ends up with a strange gift of healing. This donation will allow him to find his brother Arnaut he thought he had killed after a serious quarrel about a woman whose two young men were lovers. This woman named Nita is now affected by a fatal and incurable disease. But confused snippets of memories of the fateful day when Guilhem was separated Arnaut will sow doubt as to the true identity of the man who introduced himself as her brother. The gift of Guilhem drew the attention of the Inquisition which tracks relentlessly Cathars and their leader Simon Azalaïs Guilhem which seems to have received his healing gifts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Dance of Time

What if Columbus had not discovered America? And if the Indians, themselves, discovered Europe? Igor Baranko, through this alternate history, tells us a universal fable about the fate and love. Four Winds is a proud Lakota warrior who, through pride, will remove daughter of the chief of the Pawnee to make her his wife. His act triggered the jealousy of a former mistress, a Heyoka who speaks to snakes and that will cause the death of the princess Pawnee. This is killing it by mistake Quatre-Vents will realize how much he loved her. Taken despair, Quatre-Vents will find the Paiute, the masters of time for that once again it changes the world and return it in the past, when he was preparing to remove the girl. But the world in which they live is the world's second attempt. The Paiute have already had to react to the arrival of greedy demons to the pale skin that crossed the great water. The Dance of Time. Screenplay & Drawing: Igor Baranko.
Four Winds is a proud Lakota warrior who, through pride, will remove the daughter of the chief of the Pawnee to make her his wife. His act triggered the jealousy of a former mistress, a Heyoka who speaks to snakes and that will cause the death of the princess Pawnee. This is killing it by mistake Quatre-Vents will realize how much he loved her. In despair, Quatre-Vents will find the Paiute, the masters of time for that once again he changed the world and return it in the past, when he was preparing to remove the girl world they live in is the world's second attempt. The Paiute have already had to react to the arrival of greedy demons to the pale skin that crossed the great water.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Wounded starts as a classic Western, but soon, the story evolves into a thriller bordering on fantasy to show what evil sleeps beneath every man’s skin. London, 1888. Jack the Ripper murdered five prostitutes and disappears. 1890 near Wounded Knee, it reappears with the only witness, a photographer. 
1890. Edwards, a young British photographer, arrives in full Wild West. Its mission: bring back photographic evidence of pacification Porcupine boom town on the Indian border of South Dakota. Edwards will attend the Farshing lieutenant, in charge of bringing this place to "civilization". And Porcupine, already terribly wild, will become a hell when a sadistic murder terrifies inhabitants: a young woman was eviscerated. Lieutenant Farshing furious at not being able to stop the killer who continues to rage. Crimes that strangely resemble those committed shortly before in London by a Jack the Ripper. Scenario: Damien Mary. Design: Loïc Malnati.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Bonnie Tom, the beloved bandit, languishing in the fortress of Dartmoor, a terrible prison from which any escape is impossible. However, Jay, his fiancée, do not lose hope. Because she believes in the legend that the moor live Pixies, these elusive beings, as fanciful and whimsical as fairies, so fine and clever that no lock can resist them. Screenplay: Pierre Dubois | Design: Stéphane Duval.
Legend has it that there is in all the forests in all wood, beings with extraordinary powers, so fast and stealthy, cunning and so invincible, that no human can see them or fight them. Only this can save the gallows legend Bonnie Tom, beloved robber detained in Dartmoor sinister fortress. Suspended at this last hope, Jay, his fiancée, launches across the moors and marshes. There, perhaps, expect the goblins.