Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Non Album Collection 47

The Century of the Shadows T01 - The Stone

1751. Under the influence of Pope Benedict XIV, Abeau and Cylinia ripen their project: to eliminate Weltman ... The latter, hidden under the name of Baron d'Holbach, a resolutely atheistic brilliant spirit, united under his roof the greatest thinkers Of Paris to celebrate his involvement in the Encyclopédie de d'Alembert. That same evening he was robbed of a precious commodity: a burst of meteorite.

Master of Arms (2015)

1537. In the depths of the lost mountains of the Jura, an envoy of the Church exacerbated the religious hatred of Catholic montagnards so that they would hunt a man against a young Protestant and his guide. Their crime? Want to have a Bible translated into French to Switzerland for printing. A heresy! Begins a pitiless track: two to thirty, the fate of the young man and the old Hans Stalhoffer seems sealed. Except that Hans is not a prey like the others; He is the former master-at-arms of Francis I. And the prey is determined to become the hunter.

Bear King (2015)

Xipil is a young girl offered up as a sacrifice to the god Caiman by her father, the village shaman. But the Bear King doesn't see things the same way and frees Xipil, taking her with him. In doing so, he steals the reptile's offering, by right, Xipil's life belongs to her. Reaching an agreement is going to be difficult, and Caiman is sure to fight for as much she can get.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Non Album Collection 46

The Man of the Year 08 - The Man Who Would Avenge Caesar (2015)

ROME, 44 B.C. The Republic is living out its last days. Julius Caesar died this morning, stabbed by a mod senators determined to bring down the man who would be king. Mark Anthony, consul and friend of Caesar still holds the city thanks to Lepidus's cavalry. But for how much longer? The conspirators regroup and proudly announce the death of the "tyrant". The two camps watch each other, the slightest sign of hostility could plunge Rome into a new civil war. Legionnaire and veteran of the Gallic wars, QUINTUS FALCO followed Caesar in all his battles and saw the man rise to the height of his power. Becoming his bodyguard, Quintus is never far, a gladius in the shadow of Caesar's laurels. So why did Caesar order him not to accompany him to the senate that morning, despite the growing rumours of an assassination attempt? Quintus will do anything to find out, and to punish whoever among the conspirators struck the fatal blow.

Pico Bogue T01 (08) (2015)

Pico Bogue is the eldest child of a normal family, and when we say 'normal', we mean unique, quirky and occasionally just stark raving mad! Along with his little sister Anna, Pico goes through life with as many certainties as he has questions, making the kind of pertinent observations that only children are capable of. Sometimes challenging, always loveable, there's no end to Pico's mischief, much to the amusement, exasperation and surprise of his long-suffering parents!

Different Ugliness Different Madness T01 (02)

America, 1930, the Golden Age of Radio. When two people from separate worlds collide, the dark secrets they’re burdened with start to spill out. Writer & Art : Marc Males.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Non Album Collection 45

Buffalo Runner - One Shot - (2015, Oger)

1896. Henri Ducharmes and his two children are on their way from New Orleans to the Californian Eldorado when they're attacked by a small group of renegades. Ed Fisher, an old and ornery cowpoke, intervenes to save young Mary from the massacre. They hold-up in a broken down hacienda to await the dawn, when the rest of the Indian band are expected to attack. During a long and sleepless night, Ed relates his adventurous and cursed life, and the tragedies that hound him. One major theme -- slaughter of the buffalo -- was central to the conquest of the West, since it weakened the Indians and allowed the development of ranches and rail lines, and the parceling of the plains.

Unforgivable (2015)

The bounty hunters finally found the traces of Carter, the most wanted bandit in the country. Ready to do anything to save his skin, the latter abandons his family to the hands of his pursuers. Ten years later, his son became an outlaw without mercy. Carter, consumed by remorse, decides to save him at all costs from the fate that awaits him.

Animal'z (Enki Bilal)

The Earth as we know it disappeared during the "coup de sang", a global climatic disruption. Soon after, the few scattered survivors are looking for Edens, areas hypothetically spared, and drinking water, extremely rare.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Non Album Collection 44

1066 - William the Conqueror (2015)

King Edward of England is dead. Edward’s son Harold, one of the potential successors, renounces his oath to yield the throne to William of Normandy. From that day forth, William will have no peace until his rightful claim to the throne is acknowledged. As the famous Halley comet soars across the heavens, giving rise to much speculation among the scholars of the time, William, Duke of Normandy, launches into the arrangements for the conquest that will change the face of England — one of the most formidable military expeditions History has ever seen. This is a tale of ambition, broken oaths, battles, love, death and glory.

Baldy 001 - Heart-Stopper (2015)

Hello, my name is Zita. But here, at the La Gaufre hospital, everyone calls me "Baldy" I have a type of leukemia that seems to be especially fond of my body. Because of all the treatments I have undergone, I now only have a few tufts of hair left on my head. So I prefer to shave my head bald. Hence my nickname.

Nanking (2011)

Nankin, 13 December 1937: the Japanese army invaded the former capital of nationalist China. Rape, humiliation and arbitrary executions will result in more than 300,000 victims in 6 weeks. Taken from a real fact, this poignant narrative is conceived as an inquiry in which fiction and lived testimonies intermingle to better make us apprehend all the horror of this bloody page of Chinese history.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Non Album Collection 43

Clues v01 - Traces of the Past (2015)

London, late nineteenth century. Emily, a proud young girl of about twenty years, manages to integrate the service of the famous inspector Hawkins. Accompanying her on one of her investigations, she finds clues that may have to do with the death of her mother who died tragically while she was a child.

Portugal (2015)

More inspired, more desires and no projects, the author of Comics Simon Muchat vegetarily gently in his work as a school animator, and exasperates Claire, his companion, who would like more invested. Invited to spend a few days in Portugal, where his family is native and where he had not been since childhood, he will discover another way of existing and being - and perhaps the beginning of a New inspiration? Cyril Pedrosa gives us an introspective narrative that explores the existential folds and folds of a daily without history, become without consistency and without flavor. The story, too, of a rebirth to oneself, through the rediscovery of a place of childhood, drowned in the mists of memory.

The Orphan Train 001 - Jim (2015)

"Life is a bitch and I am good for nothing. Do not try to see me again ... Your father. " 1990, in his high-rise residence in New York, Harvey is not surprised by Jim's visit. 70 years earlier, the two men, then young boys, met on board a train of orphans; An adoption system set up to stem the massive number of children on the American East Coast who have no European emigration. Embarked on a strange journey, Jim and his little brother will experience fraternity, friendship, trust, mutual aid, but will also pay the betrayal of those who would do everything, for lack of being well born, to be well adopted ...

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Non Album Collection 42

Tales from the Time of the Cobra 01 - The Lovers (2015)

« Allow me to tickle your fancies with my tale, a tale woven from the threads of a hundred other tales... ». These are the very first words of a smart and masked storyteller. His story tells how Irvi, an odd and acrobatic young man, tries to free Sian, a beautiful virgin sold by her own parents, called to join the Princess House. But Faith has other plan.

Mandalay T01 (04) - The Dark Mirrors

A sweeping saga of two brothers locked in combat in colonial 1940s Burma, where an ancient magic will decide their fate, and that of the whole country. Writer : Philippe Thirault. Art : Butch Guice, Gallur, Jose Malaga.

Stonehenge T1 Erin (2015)

446, Christian Era, a Pelagian monastery in the British archipelago, sees the arrival of Germain, a powerful bishop from Rome to verify that the monastic rules are well respected. During the excavations of the rooms, the monk Ninian will be eliminated from the theft of a manuscript prohibited by the dogma, referring to the stone of Fal. According to legends, the latter is the center of the universe, brought by the gods long ago, it is the key that leads an artefact offering its possessor full powers. This stone will be the object of all covetousness. Ninian manages to escape, but the emissary Germain discovers the existence of this stone and seeks to obtain it, with the aim of countering the Breton alliances. It is a war of power, but also a diplomatic one that will play out.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Non Album Collection 41

The World of Milo (v01)

Here is the first volume of the World of Milo, a Chinese tale remarkably adapted and transposed into a European and fantastic universe by Richard Marazano and Christophe Ferreira. The World of Milo is located very close to this house by the lake, in which it is so often alone. One day, he finds a magnificent golden fish, and his life is rocking! For after the marvelous fish, it is a man with a toad's head, then another with an eagle's head appearing, soon followed by a girl prisoner. Milo discovers that on the other side of the lake there is a fantastic world in which a battle between good and evil rages. He understands especially that he is not involved in this story by chance ...

Antonello in Venice

Venice, 1510. The great painter Giorgione is dying of the plague. He expends a final burst of energy finishing his last piece, a pictorial homage to his first romantic emotion. Giorgione also must face the question all painters ask themselves, how to bring to life the extraordinary image of a presence on a completely flat surface?

Of Blood and Gold 01 - Call of the Open Sea (2015)

Two soldiers. A Pledge. The Adventure. Within the WWI trench, a French aristocrat officer, Calixte de Prampéand, and a Corsican soldier, Léon Matilo, make a deal. If they survive, they will turn into pirates and sail over the sea. Three years later, léon pays a visit to Calixte : there is business opening in arms dealing and I want you in. But beware, if you leave to gain your freedom, there is no way back...