Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Throne of Ice

A heroic fantasy epic and rite of passage tale set in a mythical pre-glacial Antarctica. Antarctica 12,000 years ago — long before it becomes a frozen wasteland — is a thriving territory, divided into the kingdoms of Antarcia, Leng, and Valusia. When Antarcia's first lady vows to kill Jaemon, the bastard son of King Abarugon, the mysterious Sozer foils the plot and carries the infant to safety. Bearing the mysterious mark of the Atlanteans, Jaemon must unleash his true potential and fulfill both his and the continent’s destinies.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Death Experience

Mrs. Fork, the famous American billionaire, can not bear to see her only son dying of a terrible disease. She decides to try the impossible: to accompany her to the border of death and prevent her from crossing it. For this, she brings together a team of scientists who builds an incredible vessel capable of following a disembodied soul wherever she goes. It is a breathtaking journey out of our realm that awaits them. None of the known near-death experiences would have allowed to imagine what they will discover. We do not force the doors of the Beyond with impunity! Death Experience. Scenario: Bajram, Denis Mangin, Valerie. Drawing: Ponzio, Jean-Michel.

Friday, May 18, 2018


The night Temujin was born, the old shaman Özbeg was late. When he arrived on the scene the members of the tribe were very agitated. It was too late to save the mother and dark events surrounded the child's conception. but all that, the shaman already knew it. He had been contacted by the spirits to help this little being, so he could live and give free rein to his fabulous destiny! Between History and Fiction: The writer Antoine Ozanam offers a personal variation on the youth of Genghis Khan; a fiction, a "revival" of the life of this great Mongol leader. Scenario: Ozanam, Antoine. Drawing: Carrion, Antoine.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rock & Stone

2215. Caldoria's planet was exterminated by an experimental Artificial Intelligence. Among the rare survivors, Stan, a young boy, isolated for a year, is visited by a robot of industrial model, which, strangely, does not seem to obey the AI. Stan accepts him by his side, and gives him the nickname of Rocky. Together they go to meet potential survivors...

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Man of the Year

The Great War breaks the life of two men who separated everything, yet forever linked in the hell trenches Boubacar N'Doré and Joseph, his master in the plantations of Côte d'Ivoire. The first will leave the life and the second will find rest before honoring one last time his comrade. In 1920, the opportunity is offered to him, following the decision to bury a disinherited death under the Arc de Triomphe... The Man of the Year. Scenario: Pécau, Jean-Pierre. Blanchard, Fred. Duval, Fred. Drawing: Mr Fab.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bitter Russia

A rough and touching epic through Chechnya devastated by the war. Mid-90s, a Russian mother tries to survive by selling pirate DVDs in the Moscow subway. She has no news of her son, who is a soldier in operation in Chechnya. One day, she reads her name on a list of prisoners. Volodia is in the hands of the Chechens. At the same time, Bassaiev, the enemy general, announces by press, that he will release his prisoners if their Russian mothers come to fetch them. Without means, listening only to her courage, her whimsical little dog under her arm, she takes the road to this region at war to get her son... Bitter Russia. Scenario: Ducoudray, Aurélien. Drawing: Anlor.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


While his father enjoys a beach day to poke a nap, Louis has as his only companion another kid, who never ceases to play the kite or build splendid sand castles. And yet, Louis would really need help because, alone, he must face uncomfortable situations. By the force of the imagination, he invents a friend who looks strangely like his doudou ...