Monday, December 11, 2017

Non Album Collection 82

A Family Secret (2011)

While searching his grandmother’s attic for likely items to sell at a yard sale, Jeroen finds a photo album that brings back hard memories for his grandmother, Helena. Helena tells Jeroen for the first time about her experiences during the German occupation of the Netherlands during the Second World War, and mourns the loss of her Jewish best friend, Esther. Helena believes that her own father, a policeman and Nazi sympathizer, delivered Esther to the Nazis and that she died in a concentration camp. But after hearing her story, Jeroen makes a discovery and Helena realizes that her father kept an important secret from her.

Metal Vol. 01 - Thule (2010)

In a distant future, men no longer directly battle, but cast their minds into high-tech metal armor. Emperor Elias, who has become as hard and cold as his armor, rules the galaxy firmly, when an alien race resurfaces and threatens the borders of the Empire. Elias then rallied his nobles to fight them. The first battle was to take place on Meridia, the planet of the powerful Count Ordis, who allegedly made an alliance with the aliens. As the imperial fleet approaches Méridia, Elias bids farewell to his son, before going to his room of teleportation to win the battle theater. But this time, a betrayal at the heart of his family will prove to be the most destructive enemy. Elias will have to face terrible hardships in order to preserve his reign, his reason and his humanity.

Bamboo Memories 01 - The Trance of Thatch (2003)

Once the kingdom of Hauteroquailles was saved from the onslaught of crazy Bamboo by a strange warrior: Kriz. Years later humans are ruled by Prince Fu. The story begin with the arrival in town of Naar which belongs to the tribe Draims, actually "dwarf dreamers" the source books of legend who, of all time, rocked the imagination of humans. As he comes to sell the latest collections in the city it Provide online a human baby he calls CIOL. Years later when the kid grows up peacefully the threat of mad Bamboo resurfaces! Kriz has meanwhile become something of a legend as he travels the country selling his services to the highest bidder, believed to be the most powerful warrior in the world. He eventually discovers he has a son,CIOL and that it possesses the same powers as him!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Non Album Collection 81

The White Indian (1985)

In the Orient Express magazine, Serpieri continues to tell even unpublished western adventures with the stories of Shaman (in color, June 83) and White Indian (black and white, published in four parts between August and November 1983, numbers from 13 to 16 of the magazine). The white Indian will be reprinted in the magazine Skorpio in 1987.

The Sands of Sarasvati (2008)

The Sands of Sarasvati. Sands, from Finnish publishers Tammi, is a graphic adaptation of an award-winning science fiction novel Sarasvatin Hiekkaa by author, science journalist and environmental activist Risto Isomäki.

The Abducted Planet

A sci fi Romanian comic.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Heart of Empire

Heart of Empire, or the Legacy of Luther Arkwright is a limited series by Bryan Talbot, published in nine monthly parts in 1999 by American company Dark Horse Comics. The story is largely set on the same parallel on which the key events of Luther Arkwright occurred. Twenty-three years have passed (putting the date of the events at 2007), and England has emerged from its artificially-prolonged Civil War to become the predominant world power under the autocratic rule of its psychic Queen Anne. The decadent court exhibits a mixture of Elizabethan, Restoration and Victorian styles. Ordinary people randomly "disappear" to an unknown fate in St. George's Chapel, Windsor at Windsor Castle.
Anne's only heir is Princess Victoria, her daughter by the long-vanished Luther Arkwright, born during the climactic battle twenty-three years earlier. Victoria is an engineering genius, but suffers constantly from nausea and headaches. Victoria's twin brother Henry was assassinated at the age of ten, but when Victoria is told she resembles the revolutionary leader Gabriel Shelley, she becomes fascinated by the possibility that he is her brother, and starts a quest to learn about the circumstances of Henry's death. Meanwhile both a Papal Envoy and a group of fascists within the government plan to assassinate Anne and Victoria in order to seize the Empire for the Roman Catholic Church and themselves, respectively. Furthermore, the advanced society of parallel "zero-zero" has detected an imminent cataclysm centred on Victoria's world, and tries in vain to contact Luther.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Space Warped

Far away, in a land long ago, there was an orphaned farm kid with daddy issues trying to rescue an orphaned princess unaware of her own daddy issues! In the tradition of  Robot Chicken: Star Wars and Spaceballs comes a loving, affectionate parody of the greatest science fiction franchise of all time! The first of a two-issue mini-series, this is a fan-pleasing romp that skewers one of the greatest adventure stories ever told!  Space Warped. A parody comic by Hervé Bourhis, Rudy Spiessert.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


"Adolf has shot Kennedy, who is sinking Titanic, responsible for the end of the grunge music, and discovered that Monica Lewinsky is actually Dr. Mengele, who has kidnapped Hermione to breed a new super breed ... ". This is how Walter Moers himself collects parts of the "plot" of this second strip collection about Adolf Hitler. He's right, it really does not matter, as one follows the other of the ten disasters. With his time-travel helmet, the funny dictator can be pushed out of the epicenter of the horror again and again after the desired or unwanted three times knocking on the helmet - only to bring about the next disaster. Even Godfather does not succeed in stopping him. When he is finally on his way to Russia with his Hermione, the reader knows. A satire comic by Walter Moers.
Again, a "satirical act" as a reviewer praised the first part? Then something terribly comical would have to be found in the strip, something that also illuminates an illuminating light on the subject of satire. I do not see that. I see the pleasure of absurd confusion of known events. What emerges is a kind of blood sausage. Either you like blood sausage, or you do not like it. If it is pursued by Prof. Pickel and holds his brain between two microwave accelerators (substitute everyday drugs), one may find his bright pleasure. Above all, probably to be allowed to laugh at a tabuthema - where is it still there? In a nutshell, a purposeful Hitlercomic leads to the market of the odds being given another product: "Oh do shit ..!" 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Non Album Collection 80

Moebius - I am not Batman (1995)

In 1994 Moebius submitted a short Batman comic to DC Comics, who quickly rejected the work and refused to pay Moebius for any of it. So he re-worked the comic, presumably in a more humorous style, and published it as “I Am Not Batman” with Penthouse Comix.

Benek Dampc and The Neighbour's Corpse

A Polish comic.

Burma Chronicles (2008)

Burma Chronicles (French: Chroniques Birmanes), is a 2007 Canadian graphic novel written and illustrated by Guy Delisle. Burma Chronicles is a travelogue about Delisle's time spent in Burma with his young son, Louis, and his wife, Nadège, an administrator for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Originally written in French, the book was translated into English by Helge Dascher and published by Drawn and Quarterly in 2008.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Non Album Collection 79

The White Sultana (2016)

This is the story of two women. One of those women is Lady Sheringham, interviewed in her manor house, the other is Emma Piggott, who has just passed away in her London apartment, alone. To the former, life has been kind. She’s gone from Shanghai to Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, from governess to sultana. She lives in the lap of luxury, engaged in an endless cycle of drinks parties, outings on horseback and the delicious little scandals of the British colonial community. This is a woman destined never to know hardship, other than the loss of loved ones.

Harmony v01 - Memento (2016)

One day, Harmony wakes up in an unfamiliar basement having completely lost her memory. All she now knows of the world is the name of her "host," the mysterious voices in her head and a newly discovered talent for telekinesis. She's going to have to get her memory back pretty quickly in order to face the dangers that await her. There are so many unanswered questions, and the fight has only just begun...

Noob v01 - Credits or Life (2016)

Horizon 1.1 is a fashionable online video game. Every day, millions of players venture into the virtual world of Olydri, living epic adventures without ever leaving their homes. In the middle of this new world, the disastrous guild known as "Noob" tries to make their way towards achieving level one hundred! It will be a tough journey for Arthéon the warrior and his companions in misfortune! But if Sparadrap, Gaea, and Omega Zell want to follow Arthéon to the top, they will have to show solidarity, loyalty, and discipline! But that would be a first...